The Red Brick Bungalow


The Red Brick Bungalow (RBB) is a place to share ideas, tips and thoughts about the ups and downs of our quest to raise good kids, stay healthy, keep an organized household on a budget and beautify our life so that home is where we want to be!

This charming cottage housed our family and all of our memories for seven of the best years of our life.  There we grew from a young-married-couple-with-an-infant to a full-fledged family of six.  Ultimately, our growing family motivated our move two years ago:  with all six of us seated at the kitchen table, we could reach the dinner from the stove, refill the water glasses from the fridge and put the dirty dishes in the sink–all without ever getting up from the table.  Although we have since moved on, those years in the Red Brick Bungalow were charmed.

In this home, I grew from a new mother to veteran mom-of-four.  Sometimes the deeper into motherhood I go, I question if I know more than when I started–or less.  But I know for sure I’ve learned some tricks along the way that I hope will help other moms along the pathway of parenthood and home keeping.  Welcome!


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