Modern Mom. Vintage Values.


Built in 1949, our charming bungalow has classic architectural lines and a traditional full-brick exterior.  The home has received many updates but the ‘bones’ are the same, preserving the original appeal of the home.  The clean lines of that home will never go out of style.

Likewise, high standards will never go out of style.  Forgotten, maybe.  But never obsolete.

My approach to motherhood and keeping a home is much like my mid-century house:  solid and classic–with a new coat of paint.  I am a Modern Mom:  I live in a fast-paced world where my two-year-old can operate my iPhone.  I want a beautiful home, a visit to the salon and some of those cute booties for fall.  I raise my kids with Vintage Values:  I embrace timeless principles of integrity, hard work, faith, self-reliance and gratitude.  When I imagine my children as adults, I want them to be like a beautifully restored historic home:  grounded in rock-solid core values and functioning successfully, effectively and comfortably in a modern world.