Water: Drink Some

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Source: mnn.com

You know what I’ve been struggling with lately?  Drinking enough water.  I don’t know why.  I like water.  Even love water. But I am not getting enough of that lovely liquid into my body lately and it’s awful.  I start feeling dehydrated right around bedtime.  If I give in and have a big drink before bed, I’m up in the night to visit the loo.  If I decide my sleep is more valuable than my hydration, I wake up with a dry throat, feeling even worse.

Today I’m moving ‘Water Intake’ to the top of my list.  A tiny improvement can make a huge impact on how you feel, how your day goes.  Do something nice for yourself today:  if you’re not getting enough water, make it a top priority to get 6-8 tall glasses of water today.  And everyday.  Your body will thank you.

And here’s an interesting read that challenges the eight-glasses-a-day thing we’ve heard all of our lives.  What do you think?


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