Home Art Gallery


A couple of weeks ago, we traded in our bathing suits and popsicles for backpacks and lunch boxes.  September is bittersweet for me.  I mourn the end of summer and the lazy days with the kids but I welcome the fall weather and a return to more structure and routine.  Back-to-school motivates me even more than the new year as far as making goals and improvements in our family life.  Additionally, with only my youngest home, there is a little more time to tackle some of the projects that have been waiting for my attention while we played all summer.

When the kids head back to school, one thing to consider is how you will deal with all of the art and other paperwork that comes home each day.  I keep my kids’ best art from each year and last spring I was thinking how unfortunate it was that once the art came home and we admired it for a day, it went straight in a cupboard to be filed away.

I found an idea from Martha Stewart to use wire curtain rods to hang kids’ art and saved it to my Pinterest board. Unfortunately, the link from my original pin is not working, but credit to Martha Stewart for the idea!

The curtain rod is from IKEA, called the Dignitet.  These stainless steel wire ‘rods’ can span up to 55″ without additional supports; 197″ with additional supports.   Ours is actually about 60″ and we did not add any extra supports.  We only hang papers–nothing too heavy–and it is holding up just fine.  At $12.99 each, it’s an inexpensive way to create a gallery of artwork which can be easily changed and updated as new masterpieces come home.  Ours hangs in the dining nook where we had a giant empty wall.  Now it is always filled with colorful artwork which we enjoy at every meal.  The kids receive many compliments from visitors about their work and it is a great conversation piece when we have people over for dinner.  My favorite part is how proud the kids feel to see their hard work prominently displayed in our home.