20 Healthy Snacks for After School

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“What’s for snack?”  This is top-priority around here once the kids are home from a long day at school.  If I have something prepared–or at least an idea of what to prepare–our afternoon goes much more smoothly.  Here are 20 quick and easy (and healthy) snacks to tide you over until dinner time:

  1. Grapes + String Cheese
  2. Nectarines + Goldfish Crackers
  3. Juice-Sweetened Yogurt
  4. Dried Fruit
  5. Mixed Nuts + Applesauce
  6. Trail Mix
  7. Apple Slices + Peanut Butter
  8. Pear Slices + Cheese
  9. Carrots + Hummus
  10. Wheat Thins + Pesto
  11. Cottage Cheese + Peaches
  12. Hard Boiled Eggs
  13. Ants on a Log
  14. Spinach + Ham Wraps
  15. Chips + Salsa
  16. Avocado Slices + Crackers
  17. Refried Beans + Corn Tortilla
  18. Blueberries + Greek Yogurt
  19. Yogurt + Granola
  20. Banana + Peanut Butter

And our House Rule:  if you’re still hungry before dinner time, grab any fruit or veggie, but nothing else until dinner!


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