Bathroom Storage {for FREE}

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.04.39 AM

Clients pay $80 + shipping  to have a basket like this shipped to my husband’s office during the holidays.  It probably contains about $20 of fruit and goodies and the rest is purely presentation.  I have an opinion about spending so much on fruit, but that is for another time.

Last December, two such baskets and one smaller basket–presumably the $40 offering–ended up in the office and after munching through the treats for a few days, no one wanted the remaining fruit nor the baskets.  So my husband walked in the door after work one day, carrying three baskets, a few pears still wrapped in gold foil and the rest of a giant chocolate chip cookie from Mrs. Fields.  The kids and I were in heaven.

In his matter-of-fact way he said, “I thought you might want these [baskets] for around the house.”  I didn’t even know I wanted those baskets.  But

Pinterest is full of pretty bathroom shelves, where everything is corralled in wicker and wire.  With four kids under 10, I know my kids’ bathroom isn’t going to look like a magazine.  And that’s more than okay with me.  Around here, I am going for highly functional and usually tidy.  So the apple baskets now live in the bathroom and I love the sense of organization they bring to that space behind the door.


Top Basket:  medicine, baby supplies and other miscellaneous items.  It is much easier on the eye to have them inside the pretty basket, instead of just sitting up on the shelf.

Second Basket:  TP.

Third Shelf:  beach towels.

Bottom shelf: baby hooded towels;

Bottom (smaller) basket:  washcloths, diapers and wipes.

Not Pictured:  On the floor under the bottom shelf is the laundry hamper.  Nothing fancy–just a white square plastic laundry basket from Wal-Mart that fit the cubby perfectly.

So that is how our bathroom got some love with nada out-of-pocket.  I have another bathroom downstairs with some shelves just like these.  I wonder what’s coming to the office this December.  I sincerely hope it’s more overpriced fruit baskets.


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