Spinach Scramble


It’s 10 am and I’ve already burned through my morning bowl of oatmeal.  I’m slumping big-time and if I don’t get some protein stat, I’m grabbing the bag of Halloween candy in the pantry and watching TV.

This is my go-to breakfast/lunch to keep my energy up and avoid unhealthy food choices, especially if my morning workout was intense:  The Spinach Scramble.  I actually crave it.

2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites

2 c. spinach, loosely packed

1/3 c. Cheddar Jack cheese

4 T. salsa

1/2 avocado

Scramble the eggs until mostly cooked; add spinach and cheese.  Continue to scramble until eggs are fully cooked, cheese is melted and spinach starts to wilt.  Enjoy with salsa and avocado on the side.

497 calories, 31g protein, 3 servings vegetables

All for under 500 calories.  And, yes, I really do eat that many eggs.  Probably once a week. If you’re not up for that much, just make half:  1 egg, 1 egg white, a sprinkle of cheese and the avocado.  You’ll cut it to 330 calories, 17 g protein. That’s still a lot of good protein and veggies.  (When else would you eat a cup of fresh spinach?!)

And best of all, I won’t cave.  No candy for me and I’m off to put in my fourth load of laundry for the day.


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