Family Room

Here’s what we did to make one room in our house feel more like a home.

After living here for nine months, I was ready to put our stamp on this space.  But I was paralyzed.  I had no idea where to start.  To be perfectly honest, I had never decorated any of our apartments or our first home much because we were in ultra-saving mode. Whenever we wanted to buy something, we would joke, “In our next home…” Now, here I was in our final resting place and I didn’t know what to do.  So I enlisted the help of a professional stager/designer. Janet helped us stage our previous home when we listed it for sale and I was impressed by her ability to take what we already owned and make it look amazing.  She was here for two hours and that is the best $100 I’ve ever spent.  She saved me from myself and my novice design mistakes.  I had all of my decor items in a pile and she just started helping me know what to do with it.

In our family room, a giant and conspicuously empty wall dwarfed the TV console:


The sectional was opposite the TV wall:


The corner of the sectional was the least favorite spot to sit, so we moved it next to the TV.  The end table took its spot in the corner:


Then we slid the entire sectional about 18″ closer to the TV.  The sofa in its original position only left a 16″ path between the back of the sectional and the kitchen island. Moving the couch closer to the TV created a more intimate family room area and almost doubled our walkway behind the sectional.  Hard to see–but its at about 34″ now.



We added the floral canvas art and the branches to create a small vignette and cozy seating area next to the television.  This minimizes the prominence of the TV and provides additional seating opposite the sectional for more comfortable conversation.  The branches came in a bundle from IKEA, which we fanned out behind the chair, giving unique texture to the space. The plush throw and pillow add the finishing touch for what is now a favorite nook:


I whipped the pillow up for about $7.  I love the modern vibe it brings to the space.


So here ya go, before…


And after…


I splurged a little bit on these baskets from The Container Store for under the TV.


They store baby toys, board books and Wii accessories, adding functionality and beauty to the space.


Here are some suggestions when you’ve got a decorating challenge:

  1. Start with what you have.  Look around for things you can use in a new way or a new location.
  2. Ask for help if you need it.  Enlist the opinion of a design-savvy friend or even a professional for a couple of hours.  Paying $100 for some advice will save you a ton of money.  Gosh, I spent more than $100 just at Hobby Lobby on vases and baskets and other things I didn’t even end up using or needing.  Janet also helped with two other spaces in my home while she was here that same time (yep, still just the $100) which I’ll show you later.
  3. Save where you can and splurge on something useful, functional and beautiful.  I splurged on my baskets; it was $30 + shipping for the three of them, but the kids know where everything goes, the room looks tidy and ‘finished’ and they add texture and warmth to the space that we use and enjoy all day.

Source List:

  • Floral Canvas Art:  Clearance bin at Lowe’s, $20
  • Branches:  IKEA, $15
  • Baskets:  The Container Store, water hyacinth basket, $9.99 each
  • TV Console:  Local Discount Furniture Warehouse, $175
  • Sectional:  Macy’s, mucho dinero
  • Pillow Fabric: Waverly Lunar Lattice in Golden, $17.83/yd.
  • Throw:  Either Sam’s Club or Costco, under $10

For Locals:  Learn more about Janet here.


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