Dear Mom, I Started a Blog


My parents moved to Chile in April.  That is really far away.  We email a lot to keep in touch and unfortunately for them, my letters have been more like a news feed than a personal note as I rattle off all of the soccer games, church functions, scout meetings, school activities, birthday parties and piano lessons we’ve been to over the course of a week.  So when I sent my mom a link to my blog she wanted to know when in the world I was finding time to write.  My answer was, “That’s why I write.”

Because I don’t have time.  Because I work all day long on things that are undone again in a hot second. Because the laundry is already piling up by the time I get it ‘done.’  Because four minutes after I swept and mopped the floor this morning, the kids came in from the newly mowed lawn tracking grass everywhere.  Because I just went to the grocery store and all of the food has disappeared.  Because I’ve already changed my daughter’s bedding three times before lunch. Because I have no concrete evidence for what I did today.

I need my own little space in the universe to pen a {possibly} coherent thought.  I need to look back after an hour and see something I created that will last longer than tonight’s dinner. I need a place to connect with family and friends and other moms where I don’t just tick off the past week’s calendar items but actually jot down something I think or feel. Maybe I pause for long enough to remember that I am still capable of feeling and creativity and not just robotic sandwich making.

So, its an outlet.  A healthy way for me to channel the sometimes overwhelming amount of chaos and energy that comes from raising a family.  It’s a way to document the beauty in family life and remember how much I love my job, even with its daily challenges.

Additionally, this is my place to share what I’ve learned concerning parenting, finances, home decor, organization and style.  I’m the oldest of seven children, and my husband says that sometimes when we’re around my family, I revert back to my role as oldest kid: bossy big-sister.  While it’s true that I tend to think my ideas are pretty fantastic, I’ll try to reign it in.  After all, I do want you to come back and visit.  And big sisters can be handy to have around.  I know.  Mark has two of them.

And that’s where you come in, dear reader.  I hope you’ll stop by and see what I’m up to.  I hope you’ll share what has worked for you.  You can even say you don’t agree with me–as long as you sugar coat it.  Just kidding.  But be nice to me because I live with four small people who are my worst critics.   And if you like it here, show some love:   click the button on the right to ‘Follow’ my blog, ‘Like’ my posts, leave a comment, and share on FB and Pinterest.

I’ll keep writing, even if it’s just for my mom and for my own sanity.  Hope to see you here again soon!


7 thoughts on “Dear Mom, I Started a Blog

  1. Hey, it’s cousin Barb. Love being able to see what’s going on. Ever since the Olsen Observer disbanded, the Olsen news is few and far between. Is there a place to read what your parents are up to that I can have access to?


    1. Hi Barb! I know! It would be fun to keep in touch better between reunions! My parents send out an email each week, so send me your email on a private message and I’ll have them add you to the list. (I have an email address for you at but not sure if its current).


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