Trick-or-Treat Bag for Halloween

When I was in college and moving around a lot, I fantasized that all of my earthly possessions fit into a single apple box, making my frequent moves a breeze.  Twelve years later and married with four children, keeping our material belongings pared down is even more difficult.  I am constantly looking for ways to minimize our “stuff” and the space that stuff requires.

For example, my kids’ four plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins for Halloween filled an entire storage tote or approximately four cubic feet in our garage. There’s no way around it; they don’t stack, they don’t nest, they just hog an enormous amount of real estate and you only use them two hours of the year.  Our storage shelves in the garage accommodate 32 bins and knowing that one bin was completely devoted to trick-or-treat pumpkins was making me crazy.


Years ago, a friend of mine made a little Halloween sack like this for my oldest son.  I would have made more as the other kids came along but I didn’t have a sewing machine and that made it a little tricky.  For Mother’s Day this year, I received a sewing machine so I made Halloween Trick-or-Treat bags for the other three kids and ditched the plastic pumpkins.  I freed up an entire tote that can now be used for other things.  These trick-or-treat bags lie flat and can just be tucked in on top of the costume bin.

To help my sisters avoid the plastic pumpkin pitfall, I made two little bags and sent them off for each of their one-year-old sons. Since I am brand new to blogging, I forgot to take any pictures(!) until it was already done, so tonight I’ll make another one and post a simple tutorial.  They are not difficult:  just straight stitching and about 30 minutes start to finish.  If your little monster needs a treat bag this year (or you need more space in your garage), you can have one made in no time!


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