Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial

This darling bag will only take you about 30 minutes start to finish and is easy to store.


Supplies Needed:

    • 1/2 yard fabric
    • Fabric Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Pins
    • Sewing Machine + Thread


Step 1:  Cut Out

Fold fabric in half.  Measure and pin a 12″ square on the fold.  Cut out.  (If not on the fold, cut out two squares 12″x12″).  Cut two strips of fabric 12″x 2.5″.  These will be the handles.


Step 2:  Fold & Pin

Fold right sides of bag together; pin, leaving one side open for the top.  On each long side of each handle, tuck the edges under about 1/4″; then fold wrong sides together and pin.

IMG_1480IMG_1481IMG_1482 IMG_1484

Step 3:  Stitch

Stitch around perimeter of bag with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Do not stitch across what will be the top of the bag.  Sew the edges of each handle with just 1/8″ seam allowance, or following right along the inside edge of your presser foot.  This will ensure that you catch those little edges we tucked under.  Trim raw edges (on bag only) with pinking shears, if desired.


Step 4:  Finish Top of Bag

Along top edge of bag, tuck unfinished edge under and then roll once more–about 1/4 each time–to create a finished edge all around the top of the bag.  Pin.  Sew, with just about 1/8″ seam allowance.  Turn bag right-side-out.


Step 5:  Attach Handles

Pin handles to body of bag approximately 2″ from the edge of the bag and 1″ from the top of the bag.  At this time, also tuck in the little raw edge at the end of the handle.  Attach handles by sewing an “X” inside a “square” about 1/8″ from all edges.



I saw Halloween fabric at Wal-Mart for $3-4/yd, which would make the bag only about $1.50, but this witch fabric was too cute to pass up!  I used Riley Blake’s Witch Hazel Witch Cream from for $9.48/yd., making the bag about $3.25.


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