Easy Taco Salad


“Easy Taco Salad” is somewhat redundant.  Taco Salad IS easy.  And it’s good for you. That’s why I grew up on Taco Salad and why it is now a staple on my own family’s dinner menu.  But some nights, instead of browning beef with onion and taco seasoning, I shortcut even more and just open one large can of chili con carne and one can of black beans (drained) and pour them both into a sauce pan and heat until warm.

To make this meal as nutritious as possible, I serve it on a big bed of greens, including spinach with a side of fresh pico de gallo.  Also, by adding the black beans to the chili, you increase the protein without the fat and salt.  Top with shredded cheese, chips, salsa and sour cream.  And to keep it real, this is what it looks like at our dinner table:


I like to make things look nice for family dinner, but honestly, many nights I just feel good for getting the dinner on the table. The plate in the top picture really was mine, though, and it was delicious 🙂  In fact, I’m getting hungry just looking at it…

**Make this a meatless meal by using just the black beans or refried beans.**


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