…waiting for the locksmith to come to install a deadbolt on the man door in the garage.  He was supposed to be here four hours ago.  I think he forgot us.

…listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

…doing laundry

…enjoying the light rain and fresh air with my windows open

…happy my daughter is feeling better after running a fever all night

…thinking about how to get my five-year-old out the door in the morning without a fight

…racing the clock to get a few things done after sitting around all morning for nothing.  I set the timer for 20 minutes and unloaded the dishwasher; reloaded.  Wiped off all kitchen counters, including the crusty spilled milk in the corner from 3(!) days ago.  Started another load of laundry, picked up the family room and took some things out of the freezer for dinner tonight

…watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–and the five minutes of GMA I could sneak in before my daughter insisted on Mickey

…hoping that this warm weather will hold until Halloween next week

…wearing cozy charcoal gray pants and a chambray/denim shirt

…watching the leaves fall off the trees like crazy

…smiling about the funny JibJab Halloween video we made as a family last night.  We laughed sooo hard

…finalizing costumes for the kids; we have a Halloween party this Saturday

…thinking about how my daughter skipped–not walked–down the street yesterday afternoon

…finding inspiration and beauty around me (and on Pinterest)

…recognizing that I’m blessed


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