Kids’ Bathroom: Organizing Drawers

I need to write about how we moved to our new home when my fourth child was 4-days-old.  That would explain why every organizational post I write will begin with, “Here is another space in our home where things were thrown in a drawer and ignored for two years…”

One such space was under the sink in the kids’ bathroom.  I didn’t know I’d be starting a blog, and I certainly wasn’t in the habit of documenting all of the “messy” spaces in the home.  (I was more in the habit of closing the door and trying to ignore them until I stepped in toothpaste or until my two-year-old came walking out with all four kids’ toothbrushes in her mouth).

So, no “before” picture, but just imagine me picking up a flower for my daughter’s hair in a rush to get out the door in the morning and getting a fist-full of toothpaste instead.  It was a maddening mess of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and a bunch of sticky hair accessories.  Not to mention loads of other stuff that didn’t even belong in these drawers.

These containers cost me a grand total of $4.50 at the Dollar Tree and have saved me so many headaches:



In fact, seeing the huge impact of a tiny improvement was part of the inspiration to start a blog and document a few of my small victories around here.

I wanted to put the newly organized drawers to the test before gushing about how wonderful they are and I am proud to say that after more than two months of daily use, I am still in shock.  I have not ‘re-done’ these drawers since the initial purge, and they have stayed tidy.  Once, in the last two months, I wiped out the drawers and the little plastic organizers, and that is it.  Everything has stayed right where it belongs and the kids put everything back where it belongs.

My two-year-old knows which little bin and toothbrush is hers, and has stopped sucking on everyone else’s.  One day, I saw my seven-year-old put away her own toothbrush and her brother’s toothbrush that had been left out because she knew exactly where it belonged.  It is amazing.  Somehow these little bins have also stopped the phenomenon of smeared toothpaste everywhere.  This small project inspires me to get a handle on all of the little cluttered spots in my life.


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