Real Life

Hello!  How much I admire so many bloggers who make beautiful, inspirational and useful spaces online.  They offer DIY tips, stunning photographs, inspiring words and so much more.  After starting this simple little blog of my own, I have an even deeper admiration for what goes in to creating a blog.  It takes time and thoughtfulness.  And more time.  Capturing all of the ideas flying around in one’s brain and channeling them into written word can be a challenge.  Everything seems awesome in my mind!

I want to live my life even more than I want to write about it, but writing can be an exercise in self-discovery, ultimately leading one to a full and rewarding life.  Does that make sense?  Lately, though, its been all I can do to just live my life–and not necessarily document my life.  Here’s why:

A week ago, we returned form a family trip to Disneyland that was awesome(!) and chaotic as family vacations with young children can be.  We completely wore ourselves out!


I am working on a write-up of my best tips for a fun vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth that won’t break the bank but honestly, a one-week trip takes more like three weeks if you include preparing for the trip the week before and recovering from the trip for a week afterward.  So I’ve been doing loads of laundry, unpacking the suitcases and storing the luggage.

We returned from sunny California to a frigid Utah.  When we left Utah, temps here had still been in the mid 60s but we returned to temperatures in the mid-20s with 64% humidity as we waited for a snow storm.  FREEZE-O.  After Anaheim’s 83-88 degrees all week, we were sooooo cold.  The storm did not disappoint and on Saturday morning we woke to snow.  The kids were thrilled; snow clothes are out; winter is officially here.  (I was thrilled that we had raked all the leaves up the afternoon before!!)

Upon returning home, I also took down our Halloween decor and fixed up the mantle for Thanksgiving:


We also arranged for a fireplace inspection.  I can’t wait to get that thing going for the cold weather and the holidays.

I’ve been tackling some organizational projects–mostly in the master bath and closet.  Here’s a preview:


For some additional (and happier!) storage in my closet, I tried to spray paint a decorative box I had.  It was too cold and humid outside so I did it in my unfinished bathroom downstairs.  Ummm, some of the fumes penetrated the closed door and vents so maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but we may not see temps about 50 in these parts for months, people, months!!  And I couldn’t wait.  But it didn’t work anyway.  Looks like I’ll need to invest in some spray primer since after 4 coats it still looked like this:


I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I also ordered new boots for my two oldest (since the storm on Saturday reminded us they had out-grown theirs).  Boots are so expensive for growing feet and cheap boots leak and wear out in a second.  I was dreading the moment I had to fork out $75/pair per kid.  But yesterday I found some deals so I went ahead and did it.  I ordered good-quality boots that are just a little big so we’ll wear them with thick socks this year and hope they still fit next year.  And then we’ll pass them down the line since they should still be going strong:

They are $75 on Sorel’s website.  I had a coupon for 20% off one item at REI, so that made one pair $60+ Free Shipping and then I found a deal online at Cabella’s so the other pair was $50+ Free Shipping.  Still ouch, but not as much.  And I know they’ll be warm and dry all winter.

I also grocery shopped this morning to take advantage of some great pre-holiday ads.  I price-matched, of course, and saved 34% on my bill of $191.24.  So I spent $126.22 for all of this plus 8 tubs of Cool-Whip that are already put away in the deep freezer:


I know I’ll be using lots of green beans, cream soups, Cool-Whip, crackers and soda for holiday entertaining so it is all going right to the cold storage.  I also like to have Chex cereal on hand for holiday snack mix, for my niece who is gluten-intolerant and just for breakfast so I grabbed 12 boxes at sale price.  If you haven’t tried the Honey Nut Chex, do it.  They are so delish!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to in my real life.  How about you?


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