My Productive {Fail}

**Update**  I got the green marker out and the little heat packs don’t look any worse for the wear!!  Oh, washable markers, how I love you!  xoxo


Two years ago and before I owned a sewing machine, my mom helped me stitch up some little heat packs.  You fill them up with rice or wheat and then heat them in the microwave for a minute or two before you go to bed on cold nights.  Of course I never finished the project, so today, I pulled them out, filled them with rice and stitched them up.  Finally!  Eleven little gifts for my kids’ neighborhood friends for practically nothing:

Rice bag

Wait.  Did you notice the green marker on all of them?!

rice bag heat pack Rice bag heat pack

After my 2-year-old Princess Head and I filled them with rice and I stitched them closed, she carried them out to the family room, making a pile. I didn’t realize that she also had a green marker and we had an extracurricular project going on in the other room.  I refuse to have anything but washable markers within a mile of my kids, so I hope I can scrub this out without making the fabric look bad.

It is seriously a wonder that I try to get anything done around here.

At least it wasn’t this again:


Yep, that’s my brand-new sewing machine cover.  I might have thrown a little fit.  But Mom, before you cry for me, don’t.  It was washable marker again so I scrubbed it and now it looks like this again:


I heart washable markers.  Bye!  I’m going to scrub some flannel.


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