Holiday Placemat Pillow

Yesterday, my neighbor was cutting the grass and mowing up leaves.  It’s December.  What?!  Well, after freezing temperatures in early November, it has warmed right back up to a lovely fifty-seven degrees.  It was so nice out, we walked to pick the kids up from school yesterday–and today.

The nice weather hasn’t stopped me from holiday prep; I’m checking in today with an easy {and cheap!!} holiday decor project:  a placemat pillow.  I first saw this idea on Thrifty Decor Chick, who found it somewhere else.  I wanted to see if these easy pillows are all they’re cracked up to be…and they are!  So here ya go!

First, find a placemat you love with two layers of fabric (so it can be opened and stuffed). Here’s mine, $2.99 from Target:

Placemat Pillow

Second, carefully unpick the side seam (or bottom seam) until you have a hole about 6″ wide.  The point is, you want to be able to fit your hand inside to push the batting to the corners.  Any quilt batting like this will do.  I found mine in my garage, inherited four years ago from a friend.  Hooray for getting it used for something beautiful!

Once you’ve got a nice-sized hole, stuff to your heart’s content, making sure the batting makes it to the corners.  I wanted mine nice and firm–not squashy.

When you’ve reached desired full-ness, stitch up the seam again with a needle and thread. Or, if you’re lazy like me, shove all the batting down to the opposite end of the pillow as much as you can and pin the fabric to hold the batting out of the way several inches from where you will be sewing.  Stitch by machine and remove the pins.

I love how it turned out:

Placemat Pillow

Every time I see the pillow on the couch, I love her all over again:  the subtle gold glam and the message for the season.  And that it was $3.  And that I made it!  Yes, placemat pillows really.are.all.that.



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