A Week Late to the 2015 Party

2015 The Red Brick Bungalow

The New Year has officially arrived!  My inbox brimming with organizational tips and fitness plans for the new year proves it but until yesterday, my feet were lead.  I wasn’t motivated to do anything.  Monday morning was the first time I’ve set an alarm in over two weeks and guess what?!

I don’t like waking up when it is still dark outside!

We loved our break–sleeping in at least until 7:30, watching movies {every night} and playing in the snow.

Monday morning was seriously painful.  After I got everyone out the door, I curled up in my blanket and read to my little one in front of the fire for at least an hour.  I moped around in a fog all day and when my hubby walked in the door after work, I’m pretty sure he wondered what on earth I had done all day.  I wonder that myself.  I think my bathrobe gave it away.  At least the dishes were done.  Oh wait, he did that before he left for work.

Yesterday and today = MUCH better.  A good run yesterday and standing outside for a few minutes with the sun on my back and now I’m recharged.  I’m ready to tackle this year–just as soon as I tackle putting my Christmas tree away!!

A million ideas are in my brain for what I’d like to accomplish this year and a lot of it I’d like to share with you along the way! I also have some plans mulling around to make my blogging a little more structured.  That way, we’ll both know what to expect each month. I’m thinking maybe one post per month in each of the following categories:

  • Home Organization
  • Beauty/Health/Fashion
  • Family Life
  • Home Keeping + Decor
  • Recipes/Food
  • Finances
  • Book Club
  • Misc  (Whatever is on my mind!!)

My goal is to post twice a week on average, probably shooting for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  What do you think?


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