Mood Board: Boys’ Room

My boys have wanted a Spiderman bedroom forever and until now we’ve gotten away with just some navy bedspreads and a giant Spidey vinyl decal on the wall but I wanted to create a boys’ space that was fun and reflected the boys’ interests, so after checking to see if they were still set on this Spiderman theme, I got to work brainstorming.

The look I’m going for is fun and easy-casual, but pulled together with storage solutions to keep things tidy.  I want this place to be FUN but I don’t want to spend a ton of money in case they change their minds in a year or two.  Oh, and did I mention I also have to marry a bit of Lego theme with the Spiderman, per the youngest’s request.  So…here is what I came up with:

Boys' Room Mood Board

  1. Dana Decals
  2. Pottery Barn Kids
  3. Pottery Barn Kids
  4. Simply Love Creations
  5. Pottery Barn Kids
  6. Pottery Barn Kids
  7. Pottery Barn Kids
  8. Simply Love Creations
  9. Pottery Barn Kids
  10. Pottery Barn Kids
  11. Centsational Girl
  12. Pottery Barn Kids

I love the Pottery Barn look so the challenge will be creating ‘the look’ without the price tag.  Also, the ‘Big Brother’ sign may get nixed.  My oldest says its for a baby.

After I created the mood board, I realized I forgot to include nightstands.  Duh.  Those are top-of-the-list for storage and tidiness.  Right now, each boy has a stack of stuff on the floor next to their beds so its hard to ever look truly cleaned up.

I pulled all of my ideas together for some focus.  When I look around the house, there are a million things I want to do so I freeze and do nothing.  This board will give me the visual direction I need to get going and not get distracted by too many other projects.

I hope to have some updates soon!


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