I’m in the market for a pair of booties and here’s what I want:

1.  I prefer a real leather upper over synthetic material.  I’m trying to upgrade my wardrobe to quality classics that will last forever.  (I believe the only bootie on this list that isn’t leather is the croc bootie, top right, but it was too cool to exclude).  I saw my friend in a pair like that and they were amazing.  Oh, and the lower-cut bootie, bottom center, is suede.

2.  I want to wear my booties with everything.  My booties should go with skinny jeans, skirts, leggings, and my pajama bottoms when I run the kids to school in the morning.  At first glance, the red ones aren’t as versatile as the others, but I can’t help it.  I think they’re lovely.  And there are very few things in my wardrobe that wouldn’t work with them.

3.  No stilettos.  I think all of these booties sport a stacked heel less than 2.5″ high.  Some are closer to 1-2″.  I need to run around in these boots all day and still want to put them on the next morning.  Style, yes.  But oh, comfort.

4.  Under $150.  Preferably closer to the $100 price-point for my budget.  I hoping to score on an end-of-season sale.

And that’s about it.  Which one would you pick?

**First column, bottom three booties:  All others:


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