Using Graph Paper to Plan a Space

One of the first things I reach for when planning a space is my pad of graph paper.  Its so much easier for me to visualize the space when it is blocked out right in front of me. Also, by measuring and sketching the entire space at once, I save myself the headache of running back and forth because I forgot to measure the distance from the south wall to the window, say.  It’s also a place to jot down any other measurements that are pertinent to the project so everything is in one spot. Since I’ve got my boys’ bedroom on the brain, I spent a quiet afternoon a few days ago hanging out with my son while he played Legos and I measured and sketched: Boys' Bedroom This sketch shows the bedroom in its current state with the exception of the nightstands which are future nightstands.  That’s what got me measuring in the first place–I was trying to remember how much room there was between the beds and the window so I could plan for the nightstands.  Now I know there is a good 18-24″ for each nightstand which is helpful as I watch the local online classifieds or look at plans like this one from Ana White: Boys' Nightstand

This DIY duo would only set me back about $50 total, so the price is right, but I am somewhat intimidated to tackle it on my own and I feel guilty roping my husband into another project. So I am watching and waiting. And while you watch and wait, I highly recommend having one of these close by:

hot chocolatehot chocolate

That is a mug of Stephen’s Milk Chocolate Cocoa with a shot of milk and a scandalous amount of whipped cream on top.  And it is dangerous.  I think I had three of them last week.  I blame it on the damp cold weather we’ve had lately.  But it has got to stop.  The scale this morning told me it knows what I’ve been up to. Must stop. Well, I’m off to tackle my day.  Stay cozy and cheers from my home to yours!


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