{Celebrate} Valentine’s Day

Hello!  Valentine’s Day is speedily approaching.  How do I know that?  Well, because in an effort to not be lame have a romantic night out this year, we tried to make dinner plans last week at a nice restaurant for the 14th and guess what?!  Everywhere is booked solid.  The entire day.  Including lunch.

So….we’re on to plan B:  dinner a different night [or] a night out at one of our favorite, less fancy, places.

Note to self:  book Valentine’s Day Dinner along with Holiday Prep in December.

Ok, next, it’s time to think about getting 75 valentines ready for my kids’ class parties.  My kids will be sending the ones that come straight out of a box–or even better–the candy that comes with a spot to sign your name on the treat itself.

The last time we made homemade Valentine’s Day cards around here was when I had only one child in school, but my heart still stops for a darling V-Day card.  Check out this collection assembled over on The Inspired Room.  My favorites are the tiny make-it-yourself envelopes.

And since it is the month of love, I decided to show myself a little love and finish a pretty box for myself:

DIY Kate Spade Box

After seeing Jen’s DIY Kate Spade boxes, I started this project back in November with this old brown box:

DIY Kate Spade Box

You might remember that even after 4 coats of the pink spray paint, it still looked like this:

DIY Kate Spade Box

So I bought some spray primer, and one day when it was about 49 degrees out–I was pushing it, I know–I gave it about four coats of primer; then re-sprayed it with 3-4 light coats of Krylon’s Colormaster in Watermelon.  I taped off the front edge at about 1/4″ and applied DecoArt’s Metallic Paint in Glorious Gold (found at Hobby Lobby) with a small sponge brush.  I also painted a silver label plate gold to match.   I think next time, I’ll try this metallic tape Jen used instead of the paint.  More control; cleaner lines.  But for now, I’m satisfied with how it turned out.  It isn’t perfect, but I achieved the look I wanted and its much brighter than the old Tuscany-style box that I was ready to donate.  I LOVE it!!

DIY Kate Spade Box


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